I cried 4 times, in the best way.

On a weekend that I really needed it:

Medium Cheetah debuted tonight at Downsquares, the basement venue at Joe Squared, on North Avenue in Baltimore. I’m so fucking happy. I don’t think a debut show could have gone any better. I played guitar on stage for the first time since high school, and played a killer lead guitar part. It just sounded so good.

Chris’s songs sounded so good. I haven’t been so happy to play someone else’s songs since Renton Cannon. Which makes sense, because he wrote most of┬áthose songs, too. The joy I get from working on music with my best friends is indescribable. But I’m trying anyway.

My song made me elated. I just had this feeling of euphoria while playing and singing, even though I feel far more comfortable on bass. I need to finish the other songs I’ve been working on to add to the setlist.

And I really needed it right now. After two deaths in my life this week, I needed the emotional release I get on stage. I cried four times, in the best way. Sweet release.

Thank you Chris, Matt, and Matty. You are my brothers, and I have no other words for the way I feel for you all.

We also played with some of my favorite local musicians. Gary Epstein, formerly of Pianowire, played some fantastic acoustic tunes. He’s starting a new project called Ge:anthology, and is hoping to have a new band together to back him soon. Following that was Lagoon Squad, Yuri’s new band. He’s the singer and guitar player for one of my favorite Baltimore bands, Monster Museum. Lagoon Squad had a great swampy, surf rock sound. Seriously, check these guys out when you can. Lagoon Squad is also one of the best band names I think I’ve ever heard.

This photo pretty much describes how I feel right now:

Medium Cheetah's first show left me feeling awesome!

Cristina and Leith caught this after the first Medium Cheetah show!


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