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A thought on Corporate motives in politics:

Corporations make the rules, capital P “Politicians” make them official and enforceable. The police enforce these corporo-fascist rules. The people actually provide very little of the money to traditional candidates, most of the funding for campaigns comes from corporate donations, hence the reason these corporations have so much of a say. Senator Sanders’ campaign was important because most of the money came from average citizens, and therefore actually made him dangerous to the institution of modern American “democracy”. Institutions will protect themselves first, this is why people like Sanders and Senators Murphy, Warren, and Kaine believe the smart money is in changing the Democratic Party, and not starting or endorsing a third party (at the national level, things are different at the local and state levels). After all, the Democratic Party also has the organization and the infrastructure that third parties don’t.

In response to business politics, traditional businesses are, by nature, fascist organizations. All power lies at the top. Some owners/managers/proprietors might treat their employees better than others, but they’re still the ones calling the shots. Rule makers are most frequently rule breakers because there’s literally no power beneath. This is related to the current political climate because of corporate involvement in American politics, but otherwise has very little to do with it.

People forget that corporations want them to feel powerless. They want them to feel like their votes don’t matter. Corporations want you to believe that the only way to feel happy is to buy their product or service. It’s directly related.

Tl;dr: corporate interest in politics is the reason politics are in their current state. If you don’t like it, get involved, encourage others to get involved, and support efforts to remove corporate money from the political process.


I cried 4 times, in the best way.

On a weekend that I really needed it:

Medium Cheetah debuted tonight at Downsquares, the basement venue at Joe Squared, on North Avenue in Baltimore. I’m so fucking happy. I don’t think a debut show could have gone any better. I played guitar on stage for the first time since high school, and played a killer lead guitar part. It just sounded so good.

Chris’s songs sounded so good. I haven’t been so happy to play someone else’s songs since Renton Cannon. Which makes sense, because he wrote most of those songs, too. The joy I get from working on music with my best friends is indescribable. But I’m trying anyway.

My song made me elated. I just had this feeling of euphoria while playing and singing, even though I feel far more comfortable on bass. I need to finish the other songs I’ve been working on to add to the setlist.

And I really needed it right now. After two deaths in my life this week, I needed the emotional release I get on stage. I cried four times, in the best way. Sweet release.

Thank you Chris, Matt, and Matty. You are my brothers, and I have no other words for the way I feel for you all.

We also played with some of my favorite local musicians. Gary Epstein, formerly of Pianowire, played some fantastic acoustic tunes. He’s starting a new project called Ge:anthology, and is hoping to have a new band together to back him soon. Following that was Lagoon Squad, Yuri’s new band. He’s the singer and guitar player for one of my favorite Baltimore bands, Monster Museum. Lagoon Squad had a great swampy, surf rock sound. Seriously, check these guys out when you can. Lagoon Squad is also one of the best band names I think I’ve ever heard.

This photo pretty much describes how I feel right now:

Medium Cheetah's first show left me feeling awesome!

Cristina and Leith caught this after the first Medium Cheetah show!

This weeks score: cancer – 2; Nic – 0

One of my uncles passed the other night, after a tough fight with pancreatic cancer. Though his family and I haven’t spoken much over the last few years, I do love them, they’re a part of me, and I will always have fond memories of my uncle. He’s no longer in pain, and that’s all I’ve been able to feel about it so far.

The other one is more real to me.

Last night, I got the phone call that we knew was coming for a long time. He died surrounded by people he loved, and those of us who knew him and were in the area drank at the pub until early morning, crying on each other’s shoulders and sharing memories of the great times we had with him. And though we were, of course, sad that he’s gone, there was so much love, a reminder to tell the people around you that you care about them. And we are happy that he’s no longer in pain.

It’s always tough when a friend your age dies. Someone with such a big heart, who cared so much for the people around him. His sense of humor, his practical jokes, the way he smiled when you walked into the bar, you always knew he counted you as a friend.

It’s always tough to lose such a passionate performer. He could turn a room full of people who were there to see one of his heroes into fans of his. And not only did he have passion for his music, he had passion for the musicians around him, he had passion for the visual artists around him. Real passion and care for the creative spirit.

It’s always tough when you lose someone who you saw almost every single day. For a year, we lived across the street from each other, and I’d go see him behind the bar when I closed the restaurant. We’d chat as he walked the dog, just pacing around the block, talking about whatever was on our minds that day. He was a living monument to the community around him, always willing to go out of his way to help a neighbor.

A great performer, a community mainstay, and a fantastic friend. Josh “Cubbiebear” Bailey will leave a lasting mark on the Charles Village neighborhood he called home, his coworkers at the pub, his fans, and his friends. Rest in peace, brother.

I’m 33 years old, and tonight I enjoyed a chocolate milk.

We closed the kitchen early tonight. It was incredibly slow, and after I had finished the money for the evening I’d only made $64.00 for seven hours of work. That’s lower than my annual average, a whopping $26.02. Not great for food service, but not bad for most people working my age. Tonight’s $9.12 per hour was not great, not great at all.

Tomorrow I lose a friend. My parents, due to circumstances outside their control, have to euthanize an 8 year old terrier mix named Stella. She’s an incredibly bright dog, and she probably knows something is happening.

I never really liked dogs. We had two dogs when I was very young, but I don’t have many memories of either one of them. We were a cat family. In my 20 years in my parents’ home, we’d had three cats in my memory, one before that. Since leaving my parents’ home, I’ve spent 13 years in homes with their own cats. Not a single dog.

I’m 33 years old, and tonight I enjoyed a chocolate milk. After receiving a phone call that the alarm was going off at the bar, I checked the scene and found nothing out of the ordinary. On my way back home I stopped and got a chocolate milk. Perhaps I just needed some sense of comfort.

Stella is the kind of dog who can be annoying. She wants you to touch her constantly. If you stop petting her, she pushes her nose into your arm. She doesn’t stop until you start petting again. There’ve been many nights where I couldn’t fall asleep on my parents’ couch because she continually pushed my hand and arm until dawn.

Today I lose a friend. A friend who wanted nothing more than to be loved. So much so that she’d protect her family at any cost, and in the end it would cost her life. I haven’t dealt with most of these emotions yet, they’re still too fresh, and she’s just a dog. Just a dog.

I once had a cat that knew when I was sick. I’d stay home from school, and he’d curl up on my chest to watch over me. In my entire adult life I’ve strived to be as loyal as that cat.

Today I have that chance. She’s just a dog, but she needs someone to curl up on her, and watch while she sleeps, to provide some sense of comfort. Unfortunately, I can’t be there.

A lot has happened over the past few…years…

Since the last time I posted, much has changed. I live in Baltimore, across the street from a wonderful, upscale bar and restaurant. I’ve returned to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in public policy and applied political theory. I work as a freelance musician, composer, and writer, as well as bartend two or three nights a week. Life is good

ummmm…what? hahaha

This is a really old blog of mine, I just found the URL.

Check it out!

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