An introduction

So, in an attempt to reinvent myself in a more professional and adult-like manner, and preferring the customization features of WordPress blogs, I’ve decided to make this my new blogging home. To see some of my previous writings checkout Random Ramblings.

I like to write about politics and pop culture, mostly, though I frequently take a turn into the personal. I don’t really care if it bothers you, I feel it’s important to identify yourself and your roles in politics and pop culture, as much as anything else.

Things that I am: conspiracy theorist; musician; idea man; financially challenged; idealist; barista; drinker; friend; video gamer; music enthusiast; activist; happy; passionate; hopeful

Things that I am not: liar; stupid; college graduate; political hopeful; drug dealer; fighter; professional athlete; wealthy; good at making relevant lists

I play in a band (Mora Orsa) based in the Baltimore, MD area. We have kind of a psychedelic punk sound, sort of At the Drive In -ish.

I live in Baltimore with a couple of friends, I love it there.

Currently, I am hungry. I’m watching Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, directed by Alex Gibney.


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